Sunday School


After worship each week we have coffee together and then meet for Sunday School. Sunday Schools first began in America and England in the 1800s to help instruct children who otherwise had little or no access to education. In our day the needs have changed, but we use the time for both adults and children to pursue further discussion and instruction in various aspects of the Christian life.

All classes meet from 11:15-12:00, after morning worship on Sundays.

Current Classes for Children:

(All ages are approximate and parents are invited to include their children in whichever class they think most appropriate.)

(1) Ages 4-8: "Preparing for Worship," taught by Rory Wallace.  Simple language sermon review to encourage the children’s participation in family discussion, singing, memorization of Catechism for Young Children, preparing children to profess their faith in anticipation of coming to the Lord’s Table.

(2) Ages 9-12: "Westminster Shorter Catechism" taught by Darren Cofer, making use of our church's catechism (Westminster Shorter Catechism) to instruct our younger people in the basic doctrines of our faith.

(3) Ages 13-17: "Glorifying God and Enjoying Him Forever," taught by Edwin Stephenson.  This class is a discussion of our pursuit to glorify God and enjoy Him forever in a life that is complicated with sin (our sins and the sin of others) and the consequences of these sins. What does it mean to live out the things that we confess to be true with our mouth? Does God’s grace apply to them? And if so, what are the means of God’s grace?



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