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Why a New Website?
Posted March 06, 2010 by Joshua Moon

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We live in a day where the first point of reference and information is the internet. The "Yellow Pages" directory has become nearly obsolete and, in my house it's useful largely for propping up small children around the table. (So now even the "Yellow Pages" are online!) In short, if Google cannot find you, you do not exist to the outside world.

Whether we like it or not, our website is the front door of our church to the world around us. When someone wants to find something out about us, they ask that trusted consulted, Google. When they want a PCA church in the area, they ask Google. Again, this is simply the way things are, whether we wish it was the case or not. When people want to find out about Christianity, Presbyterianism, or a host of other things, they go online. Google's "Zeitgeist" findings discovered that the most common "Who is?" question asked of their search engine has been "Who is God?" People ask everything of the internet, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Our website is the front door. But we do not have to see this as a negative. The internet provides a very safe place for a timid person to explore what will happen if they decide to go to "church" (whatever that is or means). People increasingly have on idea what we do at "worship" (whataver that means), why we gather for it, what they will be asked to do, what they should wear, or a thousand other things. They want quick information, but they also want a safe place to find out that information: and a good, useful website is ideal for that situation. No pressure, no awkwardness. There are enough necessary stumbling blocks in coming to Christ. We should be happy to eliminate all the unnecessary barriers we can.

But a new website can also be useful for ourselves. We can have a "blog" like this one, where useful things can be discussed and helps given to members (or that is our hope in this blog!). The calendar of events and email access are now, hopefully, even more user-friendly. The "guts" of this website - the content management - are much easier to use and so will, we trust, be of greater use to us.

A good, useful website can also be a great help in extending our reach as a church. In October, 2007, the website at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma was visited by 9,800 different people in 38 different states and 60 different countries on 6 continents. And the most popular content was the sermons. That was over two years ago and I'm sure the numbers have only increased. A useful, attractive website is an effective way of broadening our potential usefulness for the Church in the world.

So why a new website? Because we want to do all we can to help us in our life and practice of being the church of Jesus Christ. The cost is less than our current advertising in the "Yellow Pages" and the effectiveness far greater. You can send people and friends to the website, or they may get curious simply by your mentioning of the church and ask Google about it. What would you want them to see and find out about us? We hope and trust that a wise use of the website will be a tremendous help to our work, both towards the world and within the body.

If you have questions about the website at any point, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of the elders. Our goal in this, as in all we do, is to glorify God and be more faithful witnesses to the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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