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The Necessity of Scripture
Posted April 16, 2018 by Judson Marvel

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Our next gathering is Saturday, April 21 at 6:30am to discuss Book I, Chapters 11-13.

Braving the storm, we met this past Saturday.  Our topic was Book I, Chapters 6-9.

In these chapters, Calvin follows up his assessment of our inability to know God in nature by turning our attention to the Scriptures.  In Chapter VI, he writes, "Just as old or bleary-eyed men and those with weak vision, if you thrust before them a most beautiful volume, even if they recognize it to be some sort of writing, yet can scarcely construe two words, but with the aid of spectacles will begin to read distinctly; so Scripture, gathering up the otherwise confused knowledge of God in our minds, having dispersed our dullness, clearly shows us the true God."  Clearly, the Word of God reveals both God as Creator and God as Redeemer.  

In Chapter VII, Calvin contends the authority of the Scripture is based upon the witness of the Spirit and not the church.  "Hence the Scriptures obtain full authority among believers only when men regard them as having sprung from heaven, as if there the living words of God were heard."

In Chapter VIII, Calvin gives various reasons why the content of Scripture is credible, such as miracles and prophetic words.  Chapter IX concludes our reading by joining Word and Spirit.  The internal work of the Spirit confirms the authority of the Spirit.  He writes, "[God] sent down the same Spirit by whose power he had dispensed the Word, to complete his work by the efficacious confirmation of the Word."

How does Calvin understand human reason as establishing the credibility of Scripture in Chapter VIII? 


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