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Introductory Gathering
Posted March 13, 2018 by Judson Marvel

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Our first gathering was last Saturday.  I explained the reasons for the study.  I handed out an outline of readings for the Institutes--that I subsequently changed!  

I asked each gentleman to teach at least one class per book.  (Calvin’s Institutes is divided into four books.) 

There are four goals for your teaching: 

  1. Summarize your reading in a paragraph.
  2. Ask two discussion questions to help illuminate the reading.  For example, in the "Prefatory Address" (in the McNeill/Battles edition), you could ask, "How does Calvin see the Institutes relating to his commentaries?"  The question is not meant for us to assess his work but to understand it.
  3. Offer an evaluation on one aspect of your reading.  You can use outside resources, you can compare with Scripture, or you can offer your own thought. 
  4. Offer an application of your reading to daily life. Calvin wrote the Institutes as instructions for practical living.  

Here are the readings for Book 1:

  1. Knowledge of God and Ourselves, 1.1-4
  2. Knowledge of God Set Forth in Creation and Government of Creation, 1.5
  3. The Bible and the Holy Spirit, 1.6-9
  4. Idolatry and the Trinity, 1.11-13
  5. The Created World and Humanity as Created, 1.14-15
  6. Providence, 1.16
  7. Application of Providence, 1.17
  8. Providence and Evil, 1.18

(The first number refers to the book and the second number refers to the chapters.  You'll notice that we won't read all of the Institutes, but we'll get through a good chunk of them.)

Our next gathering will be March 24.  We'll discuss "Knowledge of God and Ourselves", 1.1-4.

We closed our time with a video by Kevin DeYoung titled "On John Calvin."  I encourage you to watch it!


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