Missions and Outreach

GSPC Outreach Ministries

Safe Families

Founded in 2003, Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) surrounds families in crisis with caring, compassionate community. They are a nonprofit, volunteer movement that provides hope and support to families in our local communities. Located in 70 cities across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond, they are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and out of foster care.



Arrive Ministries

Arrive is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of the refugee and immigrant and a ministry that empowers local churches to welcome and serve displaced refugees who resettle in Minnesota.



GSPC Supported Missionaries

Bill & Susan Carr

BEMIDJI, MN: Bill and Susan work with Native Americans in northern Minnesota training leaders at Mokahum Ministry Center. 

Bill and Susan's Mission to the World page


Donald & Claire-Lise Cobb

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, FRANCE: Donald, Claire-Lise, and their children Dimitri and Lucas are involved in church-planting facilitation through the Conseil national des Evangéliques de France.

Donald and Claire-Lise's Mission to the World page


Brandon & Erin Haan

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Brandon, Erin, and Theo lead Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities.

Brandon and Erin's Reformed University Fellowship page


Heero & Anya Hacquebord

L’VIV, UKRAINE: Heero, Anya, and their children Juliette and Christian serve to help plant and grow a vibrant Reformed church in L’Viv and in other parts of western Ukraine.

Heero and Anya Hacquebord's Mission to the World page


David & Kelly Richter

SOMERVILLE, MA: David, Kelly, and their children Sam and Luci serve to plant and grow a church by Christ the King Presbyterian in Boston.

David and Kelly's Christ the King Presbyterian page



Dan & Becky Young

TEXAS/MEXICO BORDER: Dan and Becky Young serve with Mission to the World/Northern Mexico Team on the border, working with the Center for Church Planting (CPI in Spanish) in Monterrey.

Dan and Becky's Mission to the World page


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