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We find our identity first and last as followers of Jesus Christ. Our church is one part of the Church, which consists of all the followers of Jesus throughout every period of history and every people, language, nation, and tribe. The basic beliefs of all Christian churches are summarized in the Nicene Creed.


Within the global church we stand within the Reformed tradition. Our tradition is rooted in the principle of the church "reformed and always reforming" according to the Bible.

We believe that God has authored each book or letter in the Bible through his prophets, apostles, and others. As St. Augustine said, the Bible is "divine discourse." Or as Paul says in the New Testament, all of Scripture is "breathed out by God." God speaks in and through the Bible. Therefore we believe the Bible is the only final or absolute authority for our beliefs and practices, and is without error and is entirely trustworthy in all that it teaches.

We believe in salvation by grace alone, through faith alone: that no amount of good works are ever sufficient or could ever be grounds to declare us righteous before God. We know we have failed to live as God has desired us to live and if left to ourselves, we could never be justified before God. But God, being rich in mercy, sent Jesus Christ so that by his righteous life and death God's justice could be satisfied and we might, by trusting in that work, be declared righteous.

We believe in the absolute sovereignty of God over all things. God stands above and before and behind all things that occur. All is done for his own glory, which glory is the very thing that we want to see most. We can imagine nothing greater or more worthy of worship and glory than our God. God's sovereign control is also our dearest comfort because we know that he is good. We know he can be trusted, even when we do not understand what he is doing or why he is allowing any particular thing to occur.

We believe that the children of believers are members of the household and people of God, the church. God's covenant promises are theirs from their very first breath and so they are to be baptized, be raised as "holy", and grow up as children of God. (For more, see this study.)

We believe in the true, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and the victory over sin and death through that resurrection. We believe that Jesus will return in glory to redeem what is his own, put an end to sin, death, and grief, and restore this world to what it ought to be.

One of the great summaries of Reformed theology, and the one to which our church holds, is the Westminster Confession of Faith.


We are a Presbyterian church, which refers to the structure of our church's government: a rule by elders (from the Greek, "presbyteros"). We are part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). For more information on Presbyterianism and the PCA, see this article at the PCA website.

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